SOCBOX reseller program

Level 1: Casual BOX-er

Welcome to SOCBOX’s referral program! If you refer somebody to us and they sign up, you can get up to $1,000—per client!

Program Information:

  • Just send a potential client our way. We’ll do the rest.
  • Get a SOCBOX surprise just for signing up!

Reward Tiers:

  • For up to 50 users, you get a $300 Amazon gift card.
  • For 51-100 users, $500 Amazon gift card.
  • For 101-500 users, $700 Amazon gift card.
  • For 501-1,000 users, $1,000 Amazon gift card.
  • All tiers come with a SOCBOX t-shirt.

Level 2: Serious BOX-er

Become a reseller agent for SOCBOX! This commission-based partnership is perfect for the independent salesperson looking for some extra residual income.

What You Do:

  1. Complete questionnaire.
  2. Sign partner agreement.
  3. Complete sales training.
  4. Meet a sales quota: 5 sales per year, or $10,000 in MRR.

What You Get:

  • A partner package, including a SOCBOX polo shirt, business cards, and sales collateral.
  • 5% flat-fee commission on any plan. Your average commission for a one-year agreement might be $1,500-$2,100.
  • Deal-closing support from the SOCBOX sales team.

Level 3: Reseller Partnership Program

This program is ideal for MSPs and brokers. You can market, white-label, and mark-up SOCBOX services. You fully control the sale, earn handsome margins, and enjoy full access to our marketing platform, all collateral and materials, and participate in our sales enablement program. Partnering with SOCBOX is a win-win; help make the world a safer place!