Who we are

Why We Exist

SOCBOX was born out of the determination to meet the cybersecurity needs of organizations of all sizes. Most security providers are promoting a one-off tool, not a complete solution; technology alone isn’t enough. To achieve a complete security posture, you need tools, people, and education. SOCBOX provides all three.

The Problem:

The Solution:

The Problems and Our Solutions:

Access to knowledge:

The information available is either gated, expensive, or way too technical.

Simplify the conversation:

Make information available and understandable. Education is empowerment!

High cost:

Your buying power as an individual is limited, which makes a complete solution unaffordable.

Partner program savings:

Because of our partnerships with leading technologies, we bring you the buying power of thousands of users, reducing your cost.

Rapidly changing environment:

The threats change quickly, but long-term contracts lock you in with stagnant tech.


No long-term contracts are required, and we’re constantly scouring the globe for new and emerging tech to help protect your business.

Biased recommendations:

Everyone promotes their own tool or service, whether or not it’s the best fit for your organization.

Plug / Unplug:

We call ourselves “Tool Agnostic”; we’ll work with whatever tools you want. Want to change? No problem; we can do that, too.

Only a tool:

Many of the security tools on the market don’t offer great customer support.

Expert team:

We pride ourselves on not only our expert team of cybersecurity engineers, but also our top-notch customer service. We’re here to help- anytime.

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