Healthcare Cybersecurity

The SOCBOX team is here to help you.

Avoid Breaches and Maintain Compliance

Technical Safeguards

SOCBOX provides integrity controls, encryption technology to protect ePHI, and disaster recovery planning assistance.

HIPAA Compliance

SOCBOX maintains compliance with all industry cybersecurity standards, including HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUST, and more.

Remediation Team

Our Insight team can work alongside your IT department to suggest resolutions, or we can remediate incidents in real-time.

The consequences of a data breach are steep; loss of public trust and confidence in your brand, loss of revenue, and insurance companies may classify the breach as grounds to stop reimbursements. SOCBOX combines cutting-edge technology with a world-class team of security experts to help organizations achieve a complete security posture. Schedule a consultation with one of our engineers today to learn more about cybersecurity and healthcare.