Cybersecurity Education Workshops


Benefits of Awareness Training

<p><strong>Get buy-in</strong></p>

Get buy-in

Helping your team understand common cybercriminal tactics and how simple actions can create huge threats helps generate a culture of awareness.

<p><strong>Custom Syllabus</strong></p>

Custom Syllabus

Learn about best security practices for your industry, as well as how your organization’s internal behavior and patterns affect your security posture.



This isn’t a blame game; it’s about how to do better next time. Any vulnerability findings from assessments are presented in a positive, educational manner.

SOCBOX conducts cybersecurity education workshops at your location. The duration of these sessions is designed to keep the attention of your employees. They are led by a CISSP-certified engineer, and are well-planned, interactive, engaging programs tailored to your organization’s needs.

We also offer a range of managed cybersecurity services, including penetration testing, social engineering, and phishing campaigns to evaluate your current security posture. Our findings can be incorporated into your custom on-site awareness trainings to make the information even more relevant. Talk to us today to see how our workshops can enhance your security by turning your employees into a human firewall.