Press Release: SOCBOX Launches in Texas, Providing Innovative Cybersecurity Solutions

Full Security Assessments

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — New cybersecurity solutions and IT services firm SOCBOX has officially opened its new San Antonio headquarters, providing a revolutionary approach to protecting the virtual interests of businesses throughout Texas.


More than 54 percent of companies have experienced one or more successful attacks that compromised data or IT infrastructure, according to a Ponemon Institute study, making cybersecurity protection a key initiative for many companies.


SOCBOX changes the way businesses think about cybersecurity, taking the best in enterprise-level tools and services and bundling it into flexible, customizable security solutions at a reduced cost. This removes many of the pain points associated with other industry providers, such as being locked into a long contract with a single tool or service that quickly becomes outdated, or lacking the buying power to lower the costs of licensing.


“It’s rare when the right technology and services can converge to improve protection while simultaneously driving down cost,” says SOCBOX co-founder Joel Richey. “I couldn’t be prouder of our analysts and business developers for actually achieving what we set out to do: create the most comprehensive cybersecurity solution that is accessible to organizations of all sizes. It’s time to start winning against cybercrime, and SOCBOX is here to do just that.”


Using a unique ‘tool-agnostic’ approach, SOCBOX allows clients to customize cybersecurity packages, eliminating wasteful spending on unnecessary services. A client portal and dashboard provide easy visibility and reporting for regulatory compliance audits.


SOCBOX maintains its own Security Operations Center in California, where trained cybersecurity experts monitor clients’ environments 24 hours a day, seven days a week for anomalies or attacks. The world-class team conducts quarterly penetration testing of clients’ systems, as well as providing full security assessments, customized phishing campaigns, remediation, onsite social engineering and consulting.


SOCBOX was co-founded by Joel Richey and Ephraim Ebstein.



Based in San Antonio, Texas, SOCBOX provides custom cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to businesses looking to protect virtual assets. Our clients select the services they need and bundle them together, creating cost-effective solutions. Our Security Operations Center in California monitor our clients’ environments 24 hours a day, seven days a week for anomalies or attacks.


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